3 Reasons to Use Short Term Office Space

Tampa temporary office spaceYou’ve decided it’s time for a change in your office situation. Whether it’s due to downsizing your company or expanding your workforce, the old office digs just aren’t cutting it.

You’ve heard the terms short term office space and coworking spaces getting tossed around a lot… you know that they are different from traditional office leases; more flexible, more manageable; but you still aren’t exactly sure when or why a short term office space is needed for your business.

The short answer is: whenever you need it.

Most businesses nowadays are finding that traditional, year leases on office space are not only unnecessary but no longer feasible to their business model. This is due, in part, to several reasons:

  • Automation/Outsourcing
  • Remote Technology
  • Market Demand

short term office space

Downsizing may be the number one driving factor for the shift towards short-term office space. With computers and machines able to perform the work of several employees, there is no longer the need for so much space. Many companies and businesses are closing their larger offices in favor of smaller, team-oriented office space that focuses on a specific function.

Remote technology has also been a major driver for the rise of short term offices. With many professionals able to work from their personal computers or over the phone, making a daily commute to the office is no longer necessary. Remote professionals are attracted to short term offices or daily meeting rooms because they offer an on-demand option for a workspace.

Market demand has shifted from a reliance on traditional office space. For many, this comes in hindsight following the 2008 recession. At a time when many businesses and professionals were struggling to manage cost overheads, traditional offices space quickly became a financial ball-and-chain.

With the way business needs are changing, short term offices, daily meeting room rentals and shared office space concepts are only going to gain popularity. While a traditional office space or standalone office building may still better suit your business needs, it may be time to consider whether the benefits outweigh the burden.

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